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‘Were you molesting my kid,’ frantic mother yells outside daycare where license was suspended

Posted at 12:36 PM, Jan 29, 2015
and last updated 2015-01-29 15:57:06-05

THREE RIVERS, Mich. -- A West Michigan daycare's license has been suspended after allegations of child sex crimes. WWMT reportsthat Michigan State Police launched an investigation last week after a toddler went to their parents, saying they were touched at the daycare.

Now other families are coming forward. In fact, while a WWMT crew was on the scene, one mother showed up in hysterics at the daycare on 7th Street.

“Was you all molesting my kid? Why was my daughter acting like that? I knew something was going on,” the mother screamed outside the daycare.


Several parents are demanding answers after an assistant caregiver who lives at the home is accused of sexually assaulting children.

“My baby kept on crying. I knew something was wrong, I just felt it. My daughter can’t talk. She here all day every day,” the mother cried.


Abracadabras’ license was suspended by the state last week while detectives interview all families involved. Officials said there are a handful of potential victims between ages 3 to 12. And they expect more victims to come forward.

A reporter asked the assistant caregiver accused if he knew anything about the investigation, but he declined an interview. However, he did say that he was cleared of similar wrongdoing in September and said he has nothing to hide.


The Children's Advocacy Center in Kalamazoo is working with the families involved in this investigation and helping police gather information.

“You have a safe place to go, it's not at the police station, it's not at the home, in's not in the place where the abuse possibly happened,” said Vicki Vanis, a supervisor at the center.

Vanis is encouraging those with concerns to come to seek help talking with their children as more families involved come forward.