Will L.C. Bird reopen Monday after fiery van crash?

Posted at 7:31 PM, Jan 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-01-23 20:10:10-05

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- Classes were canceled for a second day Friday at L.C. Bird High School as cleanup continued  after a van slammed into the building Thursday morning.

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Vernon McDougald, a concerned parent, said that investigators questioned him Thursday evening about a white van parked across the street from his Barrister Road home.

"They just asked if I knew anything about van that was there -- and, no I hadn't seen it," McDougald said.

Vernon McDougald

Investigators told McDougald the van was stolen from the neighborhood about a half a mile from the high school.

"It's a pretty good neighborhood, so that would be not just disturbing, it would be a shock also," McDougald said.

Polices sources told CBS 6 News that thieves, who are believed to be teenagers who live in that neighborhood, managed to steal the van since the keys were left inside.

According to sources, the teens strapped a brick to the van's gas pedal and shifted the vehicle into drive. That's when the vehicle plowed through the school's main doors.

To make matters worse, the van's tires kept spinning, causing friction that ignited a fire. That fire activated the school's sprinkler system, which resulted in water damage that necessitated a massive cleanup.

But for concerned parents like McDougald, it means more than just his daughters being out of school. He is worried about how much the damages could cost the school and taxpayers.

"But you know, those are the things you have to do if something like this happens. You have to do that in regards to wanting your child to have an education," McDougald said.


All weekend activities like basketball games have been moved to other locations.

School officials said students will not have to make up the days because this was an emergency situation.

As to whether the school budgeted for this incident, CBS 6 News is still working to get that information from Chesterfield school leaders.

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