Why Erin Brockovich calls U.S. drinking water equal to third world countries

Posted at 7:59 PM, Jan 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-01-22 20:19:10-05

FLINT, Mich. — A famous environmental activist is speaking out about Flint’s drinking water. Erin Brockovich took to her Facebook page on Tuesday regarding the city’s problem.

Dangerous, undrinkable drinking water, Brockovich called the water in her Facebook post.

“Until the Safe Drinking Water Act is really enforced… Drinking water if (sic) the United States will be equal to a third world country,” Brockovich’s post said.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, the state of Michigan, and local officials are to blame, Brockovich said.

“Today, Mayor Dayne Walling says access to clean, safe, affordable water is a basic human right, and Gov. Rick Snyder has the responsibility for helping to deliver it,” her post said.

Flint residents have been complaining about the city’s drinking water for months. They said it doesn’t taste or smell right.

“We’ve been receiving email requests and phone calls, probably for going on two months now from Flint,” said Bob Bowcock, environmental investigator. “They are both frustrated by the quality, the cost, and about the end of November we started looking into it.”

Bowcock said Brockovich was frustrated and concerned about the water quality changes taking place in Flint.

“It’s rather remarkable that all strategies been taken in Flint are economic related and not human health related, which drives Erin crazy,” Bowcock said.

Bowcock said Brockovich’s team hope to see the problem through.

“We hope to see it to an end. We will stay in contact with all the people through the social media outlets, through the media, and we will meet with members of congress from Michigan and senators from Michigan to address these issues,” he said.