‘Hoe As’ among the mean, misspelled graffiti that cost Enon homeowners thousands

Posted at 12:06 AM, Jan 20, 2015
and last updated 2015-01-20 03:35:39-05

ENON, Va. -- An Enon neighborhood is shocked, annoyed and forking out cash after a rash of hateful and racially charged messages were spray painted on property.

The message spray painted on this pickup truck read “Hoe as,” a misspelling that police said certainly sheds light on what age group could be responsible.

Recently off Bermuda Court and at nearby Enon Elementary School the vandals spray painted fences, stop signs, cars and buildings with explicit and racially insensitive words.

"We have a very diverse neighborhood,“ said neighbor Tony Omoza. “I’ve been here 15 years and never seen such a thing."

They also egged cars.

Victoria Garrett came out to her compact car with egg yolks on the roof and frozen on the side.

“I was super mad!” she said. "I had to scrape some off using dish soap and wash my car in the freezing cold."

The commuting Virginia Commonwealth University student said the vandals are lucky they didn't ruin her paint job.

"Find something better to do with your time,”

“There's other things to do besides destroying people's property, it's needless and costs people money that they don't have."

Police believe the vandal’s damage is around $3,000 the spray painting felons have stirred up a nest of angry neighbors many of them saying they're on the lookout and ready to react.

"If I call the police, I call the police if I need to protect myself - I have means to do so."

People in the neighborhood fear if the vandals target the wrong house and get caught, the results could be far worse than their words.