Elementary school in Alabama rallies for student who faces spine surgery

Posted at 6:58 PM, Jan 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-01-17 18:58:54-05

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – A kindergartner at  an elementary school in Huntsville, Alabama has touched the hearts of everyone. From her teachers to the students to the custodial staff. According to WHNT, Rowan Scott is hard to miss. She scoots through school halls with light-up casters on her wheelchair. After a premature birth, a brain bleed onset Cerebral Palsy of the Spastic Diplegic type, which means the lower half of the body, including both legs, are affected.

Cognitively though, Rowan is sharp as a tack—and some would even say an old soul.

“Today is Rowan’s last day,” explains teacher Lisa Goodwin. “She will be going next week to Birmingham to have a surgery."

In September the school held a fundraiser to help make the surgery possible for Rowan and her parents Lindsey and Lee Scott. The procedure will keep the kindergartener out of school for about a month, but it has the potential to put her on her own two feet.

“Anytime anesthesia is on board it’s risky, but the fact they are opening her spine and snipping spinal nerves, you know, is scary — but her doctor said it is the only way she will ever walk independently,” says mom Lindsey Scott.

Friday, the entire school held a pep rally to send Rowan off in style—and the students, faculty, and staff managed to keep it secret for more than two weeks.

“The kids love her,” says Rowan’s school aid, Karen Payne. “She is honestly just a friend to everyone and the kids have just, you know, they just wrap their arms around her—they love her.”

Rowan and her family were sent on their way with tons of goodies and gifts.

You can follow Rowan’s Journey on herFacebook page.