The heart-wrenching final moments a cop is alive before he is shot on camera

Posted at 10:31 PM, Jan 15, 2015
and last updated 2015-01-15 22:38:51-05

FLAGSTAFF, Arizona — The Flagstaff Arizona police department has released body camera video that shows an officer’s final moments alive.

Officer Tyler Stewart was on a domestic violence call at the end of December, in Flagstaff. His body camera recorded a conversation outside the home of 28-year-old suspect Robert Smith.

Officer Tyler Stewart(Photo: Flagstaff Police Department)

When the officer moves to pat down the suspect, he quickly pulls a gun from coat pocket. The conversation between the two of them was very calm the entire time before the deadly confrontation.

Stewart, a rookie with the department, asked to pat down Smith, and that’s when Smith pulled out a gun.

The Arizona Republic reported that:

When Stewart reached for Smith’s jacket pocket, Smith turned, pulled out a .22 caliber revolver and quickly fired six shots, records show. Five bullets hit Stewart, including four in the head. The sixth bullet entered Smith’s home, ricocheted off the refrigerator and a wall before it ended up lodged in the kitchen tile.

Audio from Stewart’s body camera recorded a seventh shot about 10 seconds later, records show. Investigators found a .40 caliber casing — the same brand and caliber of ammunition used by Flagstaff police — near Smith’s body.

Smith turned the gun on himself and was found dead by responding officers.

A warning, you may find the video hard to watch. It may not be something you want to see. Please keep in mind the sensitivity of the subject if there are children in the room.

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