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WATCH: Fight in mall parking lot on Christmas Eve goes viral

Posted at 8:47 PM, Jan 04, 2015
and last updated 2015-01-04 20:51:27-05

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, OH -- Extreme video of two women fighting over a car in Ohio has gone viral, but as WCPO reports two very different sides of the story are coming to light.

When the fight broke out on Christmas Eve in the parking lot of a Cincinnati mall, the attack was caught on cellphone video and then posted on Facebook.

The video shows Cheyanne Willis, 19, being slapped, pulled and having messages written on her forehead.

Cheyanne Willis

Cheyanne Willis shown in the Facebook video.

"It's hard for me to talk about," Willis said. "I'm traumatized. I jump at every noise I hear."

There is writing on her forehead and she claims her life was on the line, but one of the people behind that attack says it is what happened off camera that prompted it all.

"I didn't really punch her or anything -- I just slapped her up -- and pretty much put fear in her heart," Cheyenne Fisher, one of the women behind the attack, said.

Fisher, 21, said Willis was the first to swing and that the cameras did not start rolling until she fought back.

"She's hollering -- cussing him out, cussing me out, then charged at us," Fisher said. "We didn't plan on fighting or anything -- we just planned on going, getting my car and leaving."

Cheyanne Willis

Cheyanne Willis

She admits she loaned Willis her white Chevy Impala and told her that she could drive her “car back and forth to work or whatever."

However, she said that despite repeated messages for nearly a month, she never got the car back.

"This is all me: Bring me my car now, bring me my car now," Fisher said reading through texts on her phone.

Willis said she put $80 down and was in the process of buying the car, but Fisher disputes that claim.

"She stole my car -- everyone's saying that I sold it to her. She did not give me no money for anything," Fisher said.

Cheyenne Fisher

Cheyenne Fisher

Willis filed a police report following the Christmas Eve incident and documents appear to show arrest warrants out for Fisher and another man, Willis' ex-boyfriend Quincy Gardner.

"I don't really like saying that I’m scared of somebody -- because it makes your appearance weaker -- but I am scared," Willis said.

She is scared because of a fight that Fisher does not deny. Fisher said she just wants her side of the story to be known.

"There's not really much I can say -- it was petty -- but it happened all fast -- and I mean, it is what it is," Fisher said.

Fisher said she filed a stolen vehicle report with Colerain police. However, when WCPO called to check, officers said they have no record of that claim.

Fisher said she plans to turn herself into Forest Park officers, but wanted to share her side of the story before she did so.