‘Blue Light Week’ social media campaign causes run on specialty bulbs

Posted at 7:03 PM, Jan 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-01-01 19:09:14-05

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. -- Light bulbs are a steady source of business for most hardware stores.

At Thacker's Ace Hardware in Petersburg, they average selling about 40 bulbs a week. But that changed on Monday.

Donald Rackley

Donald Rackley

"We've sold 400 in the last couple of days," said General Manager Donald Rackley. "We ran out multiple times, went back to the warehouse about three times just to pick up more."

The reason behind the sales increase across Central Virginia is because homeowners are buying to show support for law enforcement starting Jan. 1.


"Blue Light Week" has taken off with people on social media scrambling to help others find the now hard-to-find bulbs.

"I feel law enforcement and emergency responders in general, they are there to help us," Seevers said with his blue light blazing.

Seevers would like to see blue lights continue to be sold, long after this week is over.

"I'd love to see every house on this street do it," he said.

For the Chapman Family, they feel lucky to have found two bulbs.

"I think it's a great cause," Becky Chapman said. "We're trying to show support with everything."


The Chapmans

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