Woman wants Richmond city to take care of mess officer caused

Posted at 5:35 PM, Dec 30, 2014

RICHMOND, Va. -- A Richmond woman said  her property is still a mess, more than a week after apolice car crashed into her front yard.

Nancy Taylor reached out to CBS 6 and said that instead of a quick fix, her claim is caught up in red tape

She said she feels like she's doing all the work after what happened in her yard on Dec. 21.

Witnesses snapped pictures of a police car after it hopped the curb while chasing after a suspect.

More than a week later, debris from the crash still sits in front of her Fan home. The fencing was ripped from the ground and the railing tossed to the side.

“So, how am I supposed to fix it?” Taylor asked.

Taylor owns this property but is currently renting it out.

She said the city attorney told her to mail in a letter detailing the accident and they'd get back to her in a month and a half, or 45 days, at the earliest.

“A police car crashes into my house and I have to do all this work and then I have to wait 45 days to hear whether you're going to pay for it or not,” she said.

Taylor added that it just doesn't make sense, especially with all the evidence.

“A police car sitting right in my front yard -- I don't know what more proof there could be.”

CBS 6 contacted Richmond police and they said they've already submitted paperwork to the city, and from there it's up to city hall to take care of the problem.

City spokesperson Mike Wallace said state law requires written letters when claims are being made against the city.
However, Wallace added that usually takes 45-days for worst case scenarios, but responses are typically provided within 15 days.