Vandals spray paint ‘hateful’ messages all over Henrico neighborhood

Posted at 6:11 PM, Dec 29, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-29 18:11:35-05

HENRICO, Va. --Neighbors living off of East Parham Road in the lakeside area of Henrico were busy scrubbing away graphic graffiti on Monday.

Although Bonnie McRae's home wasn't targeted, she said she drove around this morning and snapped photos to chronicle e the damage for investigators.

“To me it's a hate crime and needs to be dealt with,” she said.

County workers and McRae's neighbors are dealing with it by first cleaning off all the damaged property.

They are asking why people did and for what reason, especially since the messages seem contradicting.

Some graffiti had the president's name spelled incorrectly with the N-word, along with "Obama 4 Ever" written in some places and swastikas and the third Reich spray-painted in others.

Maybe it's just silly kids trying to do something stupid, but the mess that they've caused is going to cost people a lot of money,” McRae said.

Police said they are in the early stages of their investigation.

Right now, they only know this took place over night and they're asking everyone in this neighborhood to be on the lookout.

“I'll break out my binoculars for this one,” said Bob

As for McRae, she has her own message for the vandals.

“We're watching out for them,” McRae said. “I'm hoping they won't come back for more and I'm hoping they get the message that they were kind of stupid.”

Police spent most of the day in the neighborhood collecting information and evidence.

Investigators are asking anyone with information about this crime to give them a call.