At scene of serious accident, neighbors call for reduced speed limit on Semmes Ave.

Posted at 7:10 PM, Dec 26, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-26 19:10:48-05

RICHMOND, Va. -- A Jeep traveling eastbound on Semmes Avenue and a Mercedes traveling from the other direction, turning left onto 31st West Street, collided violently on Friday afternoon.

Paramedics work feverishly to keep one of the driver's alive.

"He was conscious," said eyewitness Richard, who saw the crash. "He was unable to say anything.  He could blink his eyes as if he understood what I was saying."

"All of the sudden I heard this great big bang, and I knew what it was -- I've heard it before,” said neighbor William Vaughan.

Vaughan said accidents are frequent at this intersection.

"I go to catch the bus, to go to like the Walmart and I'm scared to death to cross the street out here sometimes,” Vaughan said.

Earlier this month, Richmond police say a hit and rundriver struck a mother while her young child watched.  Investigators say the victim stepped out of her car on Forest Hill Avenue near Roanoke Street  when it happened; just blocks away from Friday's near fatal crash.

"It's a shame.  But with a 35 mile an hour speed limit, people take liberties.  And it's not uncommon for people to drive through here pushing 55.  It's just too dangerous when somebody is trying to make a turn,” said Richard.

Which is why - neighbors want to brakes on speeders.  Despite the posted fine.

"We want it to be safe for us to be able to walk and cross the street safely.  And do all sorts of things like that.  Live in the neighborhood,” said Richard.

Neighbors said they’re working with 5th  City Councilman Parker Agelasto, who represents that area. Neighbors want the speed limit reduced from 35 to 25, along Semmes Avenue.  We reached out to Agelasto to get more details.

Richmond Police have not yet released details of the crash, or if any charges will be filed.