How Facebook helped this man lose 200 pounds in one year

Posted at 12:13 PM, Dec 25, 2014

OMAHA, Neb. -- When he stepped on the scale in November 2013, Jim Clements knew he had to do something. The Nebraska man weighed 500 pounds.

"If you ever needed a wake up call in your life, that was it," the 32-year-old father told KMTV News. "I was an Olympic-grade quitter. I've done diets and workouts. Some of the diets would last a month, some would last a week, some would last a day and be done by my fourth bowl of cereal."

500 pounds 01

Clements began a late-night workout routine at a gym near his home. He also started a Facebook page so friends could keep track of his progress.

The support he received online helped motivate Clements to lose 219 pounds in less than a year. He can now fit into one leg of his old jeans.

500 pounds 02

"I have a son and a wife. I wanted to do this for them, but I also wanted to do this for me. I want to be around for the future," he said.