What this grandma makes for the holidays with her chainsaw will blow your mind

Posted at 11:26 PM, Dec 23, 2014

CLINTON, Conn. — Two years ago one Connecticut woman was working for Pfizer and traveling the world. Now that she’s at home in Clinton, Connecticut she’s mastered the chainsaw.


“I’ve always enjoyed seeing them when we went to Vermont, Alaska, and all that,” June Merwin said. “So I just thought I’d try my hand at it.”

WTNH reportsthat the 71-year-old grandmother picked up a woodcarving hobby and chainsaw for the first time when she retired two years ago. She wanted to carve bears.gma4

But now her Nativity scene is getting a lot of attention and admiration. She has Mary, Joseph, Jesus, three wise men, two angels and three sheep.


“And one of the sheep is black because every family has to have a black sheep,” Merwin laughed.


Most of her creations start out with a three-foot log and a sketch and then the chainsaw takes over. She now has three.

She also has three grandkids who are proud of their woodcarving grandmother.