WATCH: Camera catches what Elf on the Shelf really does at night

Posted at 9:44 PM, Dec 23, 2014

A mother captured what really happens with those mysterious Elf on the Shelf creatures during the holiday season.

One mother sat her two children down on the couch to share the video proof.

“Last night when ya’ll fell asleep, we set up the camera to see if we could catch Elf flying around the house… And guess what, we caught him,” mom says.

As the video plays, the two children see themselves fast asleep in their bed. Then Elf appears to hover above the sleeping children.


“What is he doing,” the mom asks.

“She’s looking at us being good after we were asleep,” the little boy replies.

Then both children erupt a fit of the giggles as they spot the little boy lift his head from the pillow as Elf comes close to his face.

“I scared Elf sway,” the boy exclaims.

At one point of the video the children are glued to the screen as they watch the Elf cuddle up on the pillow behind the sleeping boy.

“What’s going to happen next,” the little girl questions.

To see, you’re going to have to watch the video above.

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