Why one anti-gun violence PSA encourages students to bring guns to school

Posted at 8:34 AM, Dec 23, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO — Gun advocates are speaking out on social media about a new anti-gun violence PSA. The dramatic three-minute video shows a teenager sneaking into his parents’ bedroom and taking a gun from a dresser drawer.

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The video then jumps to school where we see the teenager looking bothered in his classroom. Once the class empties for the day, we see the student approach his teacher and pull out the gun.

“Can you take this away?” he asks his shocked teacher. ” I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house.”

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The PSA, produced by Sleeper 13 Productions, was posted to Facebook on December 13. Since then, commenters have questioned the message and listed the crimes the teenager was depicted committing in the video.

“This has got to be one of the dumbest PSA’s putout by anti-gunners ever,” Fred Friedman posted. “Way to combat criminal violence…turn innocent children into felons.”

I really hope the makers of this video get charged criminally when the first child tries to ‘do the right thing’ and attempts to give a gun to their teacher,” Mark Lerner added.

The woman who made the video addressed the issue — sort of — on Twitter.