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Woman arrested for road rage freak-out hours after she got out of jail

Posted at 12:39 PM, Dec 23, 2014

YUBA CITY, California -- With one smartphone, they called 911. With another smartphone, they recorded the scary scene that unfolded outside their car.

Road rage 02

Police in California arrested a woman accused of attacking two other women in a weekend road rage incident, according to Fox40. Police said suspect Dierdre Orozco told the women in the car she was a Sheriff's deputy. Orozco is actually a bail bonds agent.

Dierdre Orozco

Dierdre Orozco

"This isn’t just a normal road rage type of person who tailgates you for a little bit and then moves on," driver Vanessa Gladieux said. "She was definitely coming after us specifically and wanting to harm us somehow."

When Orozco stopped the other car, the women inside called 911. Police told them to drive to the nearest police station -- but the situation did not end there.

"She even got out of the car then ran towards our car and the CHP officer had to yell at her 'ma'am stay in your car,'" Gladieux said.

Orozco was charged with reckless driving and assault with a deadly weapon. Police said Orozco had been released from jail earlier that same morning on a different hit and run charge.

Gladieux said her friend did give Orozco the finger after they were cut off several times, but other than that did nothing to agitate the other driver.