Accused School Board member calls protective orders ‘waste of law enforcement’

Posted at 9:31 PM, Dec 17, 2014

RICHMOND, Va. -- A heated discussion between two Richmond School Board members escalated into a shouting match.

That’s according to School Board member Shonda Harris-Muhammad.

Harris-Muhammad was at that closed-session after the board’s Dec. 8 meeting at Richmond’s City hall.

She said it started over board members leaking information to the media.

When Harris-Muhammad said Mamie Taylor and Kimberly Gray had a heated exchange. She said Gray walked toward Taylor in an aggressive manner, threatened to fight her, and called her the “B” word several times.

Harris-Muhammad said she told the two School Board members to calm down.

As a result, Mamie Taylor filed an Emergency Order against Gray. Taylor extended that order until Dec. 29.

This is the second protective order filed against Kimberly Gray. Community Activist Charles Willis also filed a Protective Order on Dec. 12 and extended that order until Dec. 29.

CBS spoke with Richmond parents who say this type of drama sends the wrong message to students.

"I think it does because if she's on the school board, she's supposed to do better things for the school,” said Shemicka Horne. “It just doesn't sit well with me.”

"Maybe, she needs etiquette class,” said Mumira Alston. “That might help her. But it doesn't really concern me much because she's not working directly with my son.”

Kimberly Gray released a statement to CBS 6:  “This is a shameful waste of law enforcement officials and the court’s time.”

Security increased at this week’s school board meeting. Both cases involving Kimberly Gray will go before a judge in Richmond’s General court on Dec. 29.