Man who shot dogs attacking neighbor says he fired warning shot

Posted at 8:12 PM, Dec 16, 2014

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- A man is in the hospital after a vicious attack by two dogs that finally ended when a neighbor stepped in and shot one of the animals.

Kenny Bowe, the man who shot one of the dogs, said that after witnessing the brutal attack playing out in his neighbor’s yard he had no other choice but to open fire.

Bowe said he remembers exactly what happened in his neighbor’s yard Monday morning because he has not  been able to get the images out of his head.


“I realized something wasn't right. I yelled at my daughter to get my handgun,” Bowe told CBS 6 anchor Lorenzo Hall.

Bowe said that around 9 a.m. he shot two of his neighbor's dogs that were attacking a relative who also lived in that home.

But before that moment, Bowe said he was in bed and heard someone screaming uncontrollably.

“I just kept hearing, ‘Help me, please. Help. Help.’ It was just horrifying,” he said.


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It was so extreme that Bowe said other neighbors were screaming at the dogs in an attempt to get them to stop, but they would not let go of the victim.

That’s when Bowe said he fired one warning shot at the ground.

“It didn't faze them and he continued chewing on the gentleman,” Bowe said.

As a result, Bowe said he fired again--- sending one dog running while the other kept biting away at the man's arm.

That's when he fired a third shot, killing the dog.

Bowe said that since the incident, his neighbors have thanked him for saving their family member's life. But being a pet owner himself, Bowe said he in no way feels like a hero.


“Does it make you feel good? No, but the man's alive,” he said.

CBS 6 was unable to reach Bowe's neighbors, but he said they told him the victim is having another surgery so doctors can see of they can save his arm.