Girl Scouts deliver blankets to the homeless

Posted at 3:19 PM, Dec 12, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-12 15:19:49-05

Dallas, TX (KDAF) -- Girl Scouts don't just sell cookies, they help  the community in ways other than satiate our cravings for delicious Samoa and Thin Mint treats.

"[We have] Donations of blankets and wraps for our neighbors, many of them who are homeless or the working poor," City Square Chief Development Officer Shawn Wills said.

Sleep Experts and Girl Scouts from all over the area joined forces for the 11th annual Share the Warmth Drive.

"Over the years, we've collected at least 25,000 blankets," Sleep Experts Marketing Director Blythe Grates said.

And this year, they racked up about 5,000!

All that warmth is headed to the City Square Opportunity Center on Malcolm X.

"We pick a different recipient every year," Grates added.

And hey, where there are Girl Scouts, you know what you'll find — girl scout cookies! Yum! Patrons could support the scouts by purchasing them during the blanket drive Thursday.

But these Brownies earned more than just a badge.

"It makes me sad and unhappy for the people who don't have," scout America Garza said. "And now they can have something to keep warm with."

Folks like Brigitte Roa.

"Sometimes it makes you want to cry, you know, you feel really lonely and everything, but when a group such as this comes around. It just lifts your spirits and makes it that much worth the while," Roa said. "You know there's hope and you can keep on going."

"So I can just imagine the faces of the little kids as they come and pick up a new blanket with Dora or one of the princesses," Wills mentioned.

Roa showed off her new animal print blanket, "Yes, it's beautiful. It looks just like Better Homes and Gardens!"

These girls are living up to the Girl Scouts Promise.

"The particular group here today is Girl Scouts Direct," Jennifer Yepez, Marketing and Communications Manager with the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas said. "That's for the girls who might not necessarily be exposed to Girl Scouts due to economic reasons or their areas…They're usually on the receiving end of items, so it's really great that they're here today."

"It keeps you down living on the street. It's such a blessing seeing them be a service to Christ and others. It really is an inspiration," Roa said. "It brings out that beauty in something so dark. I'm blessed and I'm truly grateful."

"It makes me feel generous and caring," America said.