Matoaca student who kicked field goal into pickup nets $5,000 scholarship from Priority Automotive

Posted at 1:16 PM, Dec 11, 2014

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. — Priority Automotive is helping send a special Matoaca High School senior to college after he did something extraordinary.

Michael Lyons became the first student in eight years to make the Tundra Truck Homecoming Half Time Kick during Matoaca’s homecoming  game in October.

Michael,  who has mild cerebral palsy and had no prior athletic experience, practiced for weeks to prepare for the kick with the help of Matoaca’s football coaches. He also wore a t-shirt in memory of his mother, who died 10 years ago during the birth of Michael’s brother.

Then during the homecoming game, video shows the crowd go wild as Michael makes the field goal and the football lands in the bed of a Toyota Tundra (without bouncing out).


Michael Lyons kicks a field goal that lands in the back of a Toyota pickup.

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As a result, Michael scored a $5,000 scholarship from Priority Automotive that will help fund his goal of attending Richard Bland College.

To make sure Michael has everything he needs, Priority Automotive also gave him a Dell laptop and created a GoFundMe campaign to raise additional money for his education. As of Dec. 11, the account has received 13 donations totaling $750.

“I saw the video and was thrilled you made the goal. I love happy stories and I am more than happy to donate (pay it forward) to someone deserving in our community. Good luck and wishing you many years of success and happiness,” Debbie Shaw wrote.

You can help too. CLICK HERE to contribute to Michael’s college fund.


Michael Lyons and Priority Automotive’ s Dave Perno.