Charlottesville double murder suspect served one month of 38 year sentence

Posted at 12:19 AM, Dec 10, 2014

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- He was released from prison almost exactly  three years ago: but Gene Everett Washington had two probation violations this year involving seven different charges that might have sent him back to prison for a long, long time.

Those violations could have put him away for 38 years and ten months, but 38 years and nine months was suspended.

Now he's accused of killing a mom and her teenage daughter in Charlottesville.

He was an aspiring rapper and police sources have confirmed to CBS 6, that shoes from one of Washington's rap videos could become evidence in the beating death of Robin Aldridge and her teenage daughter Mani.

The mother and daughter were found inside their Rugby Avenue home in Charlottesville Saturday morning after it had been set on fire.

"Mani and Mr. Washington did know each other,” said Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo.  “I will not go into the extent of their relationship, but we have no reason to believe it was random. It was senseless and brutal."

Sources say investigators are scouring Washington's social media sites, looking for information about the 30-year-old now charged with the horrific killings.

"All that stuff can be used as evidence at sentencing,” said CBS-6 legal expert Todd Stone. “A lot of people put dumb things out there that make a defense attorney's job extra tough."

Washington had a probation flub in March and again in April, according to court records.  Two violations, seven different charges which could've put him back behind bars for decades, but they didn't.

He served only a month  with nearly 39 years of the return time suspended.

Stone says it's hard to ‘Monday-morning quarterback’ why judges make those decisions.

"It's truly understandable that people wonder why, when you have two violations in two different locations, but we don't know the underlying facts or the basis of the violation," said Stone.

Police are asking anyone in that area of Rugby Avenue or in the Barracks Road area to check their video surveillance devices and preserve video from the past week.

They're looking for information that can help them complete a timeline of events.