7-year-old Ella sets record straight after finding name on ‘naughty list’

Posted at 5:49 PM, Dec 10, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-10 18:01:50-05

GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- A Michigan girl began crying when she spotted her name atop the naughty list.

After she wiped her tears, the seven year old got busy working to erase the name 'Ella' from the infamous roll call.

"I did not like seeing that...” Ella Christie said.

But there it was. And her name wasn’t just on the list it was at the "very tippy top..."

"It made me cry... hard…,” she said.

"I kind of thought that everyone would see that, like my friends would and think I was naughty and not be my friend."

She wasn't about to let hers get a bad rap so she wrote a strongly worded letter. It was addressed to 'those publisher people.'

"I wanted to say to those publisher people that I didn't like what they did, and I wanted them to take it right off the news," Ella said.

She set the record straight.

"...and I would like to tell you that the bad behaved child list that you published is baloney because number one on that list was my name."

While they didn't push for it, Ella's dad said he suggested she write it.

"I wasn't sure, we didn't talk about it much and she didn't respond to it much other than she ran off and wrote it,” Brett Christie, said.

“Ella, she is pretty outspoken often and pretty verbal and good about expressing her feelings, but to the extent she took it, yes I was surprised,” her mom Mary said.

Ella is still waiting for a response from “those publisher people.”

According to our research, the company School Stickers was the first to publish their so-called survey results. From there Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and others picked up the story.