Little New Kent girl with mystery illness visits Santa, AND meets Wayne Covil

Posted at 12:04 AM, Dec 09, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-09 00:12:01-05

A little girl in New Kent county has a mystery illness which has vexed doctors.

We first told you about 7-year-old Maddie Hays back in September.

She has seen dozens of doctors across the country -- specialists in rhuemetology, immunology, dermatology and infectious disease -- for her rash.

Right now they're still looking for answers. The rash can sometimes get so large, that it causes painful swelling on Maddie’s face. When the swelling gets very bad, her mother said, Maddie’s eyes are forced to close.

Maddie Hays (PHOTO: Hays family)

Maddie Hays (PHOTO: Hays family)

The rash is hot, and she can be sensitive light. Often she has to stay home if she has a flare-up, so her parents can keep an eye on her.

But Little Maddie was finally feeling good enough over the weekend to go to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens. There she got to meet Wayne Covil for the first time, who first reported her story.

Maddie Hays (PHOTO: Hays family)

Maddie Hays (PHOTO: Hays family)

Since the story aired on CBS 6 and was posted on, Maddie’s family been contacted by the show, “The Doctors,” WGN in Chicago and even health experts at the Cleveland Clinic who want to help.

Her family has set-up a GoFundMe page to raise money to help offset their medical bills.

“My family will be more then appreciative for any financial help donated, but more importantly please help us find her the doctors she needs so we can get Maddie better!,” her frustrated mother Erin Hays wrote.

“Maddie is miserable,” she said.

You can follow Maddie's health at the community Facebook page created by her mother, Hope for Maddie. 

Depend on CBS 6 News and for updates on this important local story.

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