Credit card theft at West End restaurant ‘part of bigger problem’

Posted at 7:49 PM, Dec 09, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-09 19:49:13-05

HENRICO, Va. – Customers of a popular West End restaurant believe that somehow cyber criminals have found a way to access their credit card information.

The Henrico Police Department and at least one local financial institution said the link is the restaurant Kickback Jacks.

Gina Ivey, with Henrico Federal Credit Union, said they’re now in the process of replacing a few hundred credit and debit cards for customers who dined there.

She said that close to two dozen customers had unauthorized charges.

“We were able to unearth all of the transactions or compromised accounts that happened at Kickback Jacks, so we noticed a pattern right away,” Ivey said.

A woman who said she is a victim, and whose credit card was also charged after a recent trip to the restaurant said it was used in three places. She asked CBS 6 not to reveal her identity

“They spent one hundred dollars, but it was from my account. It was mine,” the woman said.

Henrico police said they’ve investigated five credit card reports in the past six days.

Lt. Chris Eley said the common link between the five cases was that they all used their credit cards at the West End restaurant.

Eley said detectives believe this problem is part of a larger problem.

“It’s not an issue with the restaurant itself but with the company that processes the credit card transactions,” Eley explained. “There’s a breach in the system but they’re having this trend nationwide.”

When CBS 6 reached out to the Kickback Jacks, we were directed to their corporate headquarters in North Carolina.

A spokesperson there said they have a team looking into this issue. They said protecting guest information is a top priority.

Police said if you have suspicions that your personal credit card information has been compromised you should monitor your bank and credit card statements closely.

They also recommend that you alert your bank when you travel out of town.

If you think that you have had unauthorized charges on your card, notify your bank and file a police report.