This is what happened after these boys dialed 911 to talk to Santa

Posted at 7:36 PM, Dec 04, 2014

Mayville, WI. -- Two young boys eager to speak to Santa Claus decided to call him on the phone.

But without Santa’s contact info, the two decided to call 911 and got a visit from a police officer instead.

It's like Christmas for 3 year-old Brody and 6 year-old Blake.

They got to spend the day at the police department after learning a very important lesson about calling 911.

Blake and Brody just wanted to make sure Santa knew what they wanted for Christmas.

That would be a “bow and arrow, dirt bike, 4-wheeler, and a combine and a case for the bow and arrow and a BB gun and a case,” Blake said.

After dialing, they hung up on the 911 dispatcher. The dispatcher called back and talked to mom, Jennifer Beck, who had no idea the boys, had made the call.

“Is this a life threatening emergency, can we help you?"

"I said 'no, the kids were trying to call Santa!'"

It's the police department's policy to send an officer, no matter what.

“They looked scared, like oh my god,” their mom said.

The police officer took the opportunity to explain to the boys how serious it is to call 911.

“They need to understand the importance of when it's important to call 911,” Christopher MacNeill, Chief, Mayville Police.

The chief explains this is definitely a first for his department.

“Never have I heard of a 911 call trying to reach Santa, The unfortunate thing is the North Pole is out of our jurisdiction.

The officer told the boys how to contact Santa.

Call Santa in person.