One picture posted on Facebook changed two lives

Posted at 9:40 PM, Dec 04, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-04 23:31:54-05

MILTON, Ma. -- A dog who spent months in a Massachusetts shelter now has a new home.

His new owner found him on Facebook.

One picture changed two lives.

For 456 days Hubert could only call an animal shelter his home.

“As much as he's loved, fed and cared for, it's not a home,” said Brendan Gemmel, Milton Animal Shelter.

So Milton Animal Shelter employees created a Facebook page for the dog, and the photo went viral. The next thing they knew, Hubert was world famous, and they were getting calls from all over the world calling.

dog saved

“People from Italy called, people from Canada called, people from London called,” said Nancy Bersani, Milton Animal Shelter.

But Hubert, an anxious, strong pit bull mix needed the right home, and not just any home.

“We need to know this is a good fit,” said Bersani.

Then a man from Maine saw Hubert and called the shelter.

“This gentleman fit the bill and finally he made that call -- and he said I live almost four hours away but I really feel this could be the dog for me,” Bersani said.

Now instead of sad photos of Hubert in the cage there are new pictures of him playing in the snow, exploring a basket of toys and hanging with his new best friend.

Hubert's new owner declined an interview saying the focus shouldn't be on him or even Hubert but rather the countless other dogs in shelters who need homes.

Like Ferdinand, the sweet pit bull mix, one of two dogs at the Milton shelter also searching for a forever family.

“There are other animals, there are animals in every shelter that are Hubert’s and they need a home so if our Hubert isn't the one then we encourage you that the dog for you is out there so please go look for it and give it a home,” Bersani said.