For this 4-year-old, it started with special milk and led to a UPS job

Posted at 11:17 PM, Dec 04, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-04 23:17:12-05

Colorado springs, Colo. -- A special delivery for a four-year-old Colorado boy fascinated with UPS.

He is now on his way to fulfilling his dream of becoming a UPS driver, thanks to a gift from the shipping company.

UPS gave him his very own miniature UPS truck.

Carson Kight became fascinated with the company after developing a special relationship with a delivery driver named Mr. Ernie.

“When Carson was born, he couldn't drink milk,” Karen Kight, his mother said. “I know him when he first come delivering my special milk,” said Carson.

"So they sent formula, which is why Mr. Ernie would deliver quite a few times to our house,” Karen said.

UPS made a video about Mr. Ernie and Carson's special friendship.

And then they delivered him his wish.

"Carson knew nothing about it and did not know Mr. Ernie would come or that there was a little truck inside the big truck,” his mom said.

Carson's truck is just like Mr. Ernie's, except smaller. Everything Carson does on the job he learned from the guy in the brown truck.

“He’s just one of those guys who, to me, is very special and has become a very special role model in Carson’s life,” Karen said.

"We deliver muffins. We deliver cookies. And they just love the packages being delivered,” said Karen.

Nowadays, though, Carson’s truck is the only one driving down the street.

"Mr. Ernie, in the summer, was moved off our route in our neighborhood,” Karen said.

All the more reason it's so important for Carson to make every delivery extra special.

The UPS video that Carson stars in is part of a company promotion inviting people to share their wishes this holiday season.

It's been dubbed, "Your wishes delivered."

UPS says it will donate a dollar to charity for each wish submitted with the hashtag #wishesdelivered.