Detectives search Charles City home for ‘shovel, burnt ashes, plus containers of gas and bleach’

Posted at 12:45 AM, Dec 02, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-02 00:45:52-05

CHARLES CITY, Va. -- New information on the evidence Charles City County prosecutors have in their case against Delvin Barnes.

Circuit court documents detail what investigators believe Barnes did to a teenage girl from Richmond, more than a month ago.  The Richmond teen found  bloody and naked in Charles City is also connected to the recent Philadelphia abduction case.

The documents also outline the charges Barnes' now faces. He is charged with attempted capital murder for allegedly abducting her after hitting her in the head with a shovel and stuffing her in his trunk. He is also charged with forcible rape and attacking the girl with bleach and gasoline.

The girl managed to get away when Barnes took his attention away from her for a moment. She ran a few miles and sought help at a Charles City County business.

It's a crime that many in the small Charles City County community say put them on edge.

"I think it gave a wake-up call and shows that it doesn't mean that just because this is a small community it can't happen here," said Latoya Davis. "Charles City is not exempt from criminal acts either."

The documents, which have been sealed for the past month or more, offer a deeper look into the kinds of things detectives hoped to find when they searched Barnes' home in October.

When investigators searched, they were instructed to look for a shovel, burnt ashes, plus containers of gas and bleach. They were also looking for pictures of abused minors and adult women and looking for girls clothing. Documents reveal detectives recovered two different shovels at the mobile home Barnes shared with his parents.

They also mention that the victim's statement is consistent with evidence found at the home, photo lineup results as well as the victim's injuries.

“DNA tied to him is as strong as you can get when it's a bodily fluid that you would usually find during a sexual act, that is evidence that makes it really strong," said CBS 6 Legal analyst Todd Stone.

Delvin Barnes is being held in a federal prison in Pennsylvania. He will be tried by the feds for the abduction of a woman there.

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