Did North Korea revenge hack Sony pictures over upcoming movie ‘The Interview’?

Posted at 11:14 PM, Dec 01, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-01 23:53:06-05

Did North Korea retaliate for a Seth Rogen movie that disses the dear leader?

Is it possible North Korea hacked Sony pictures because they made a movie called "The Interview," featuring Seth Rogen and James Franco out to assassinate Kim Jong Un?

North Korea first reacted back in June, complaining to the Un; calling it an "act of war."

"Those who defamed our supreme leadership…can never escape the stern punishment to be meted out."

hacker message

In reply, Seth Rogen tweeted, "people don't usually wanna kill me for one of my movies until after they've paid 12 bucks for it."

Then recently, Sony pictures was hacked; the company's email crippled. Salaries published online.

As a result of the attack on the Hollywood studio, Brad Pitt's "Fury" and the remake of the musical "Annie," have become available on illicit web sites. Screener copies of at least five unreleased Sony films have also made their way online.

Sony called it a criminal matter and said they are working closely with law enforcement.

The FBI is warning businesses about a new hacking threat in the wake of a vast attack on Sony Pictures last week.

The threat comes from the same type of malicious software that infected Sony's computer systems, a law enforcement official told CNN.

The tech website, RE/code, quoted sources as saying the link to North Korea was being explored.

It was a decade ago that "Team America" mocked the current leader's father, Kim Jong Il.