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HOLMBERG: Cats, raccoons, people — wild times on river spot

Posted at 11:28 PM, Nov 28, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-30 14:29:09-05

HOLMBERG-- Can cats, kittens, raccoons and the occasional otter mix with humans and get along?

That's what happens down on Water Street on the James River downtown nearly every day. It's been going on for years.

"Buckeye" is the guy who regularly feeds the cats. Without fail. Others chip in their leftovers or parts from the fish they catch and clean.


Like most of the rest of the crew that gathers almost every day at this spot, Buckeye sees the cats as part of the family in this home away from home.

They're also kind of proud of the raccoons that visit regularly, often eating out of the same bowls as the cats. Otter interaction is studied and commented upon.


Another one of the regulars built the sturdy cat house to keep the little kittens safe.


This sweet spot is left over from when Shockoe Bottom was the city's main deepwater port. River commerce is why Richmond is here, and this spot was jumping until the city moved the port a couple miles downriver to deeper water for the bigger, modern freighters.

Now, this is a beautiful spot to fish, play cards, chew the fat or just sit around and bask in the beauty on the banks of the mighty James River.


The river cats have been a big part of life here for years. There have been several litters in the past two years.

This last litter, by Midnight the mom, has only two kittens left that need homes.


The people who come here look out for them, and each other.

Yes the crew down here likes their wildlife.

It's kind of a wild spot.

Check out the video and see.