Watch this life-changing prank pulled on a housekeeper

Posted at 9:51 PM, Nov 20, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-20 21:58:55-05

CLEVELAND, Ohio –Pranksters at are at it again, this time “pranking” a maid, and trying to give her a break.

Cara Simmons is a single mother of three who works for a housekeeping company.

Because she is working hard an trying to provide the best for her children, her coworkers say she never gets a day off work.

Her family and coworkers say she works extremely hard and “gives her all to her work and her family.”

“She is steadfast.”

In the past few years, she has struggled financially because of health concerns.

She has been in-and-out of the hospital battling illnesses stemming from exhaustion, reported 


Once the medical bills started coming in, Simmons began to struggle to pay the bills and pay rent. Her sister and her boss nominated Simmons for’s “Prank it FWD.”

Simmons was told she had an “important job” cleaning a new house. When she arrived, she was asked to do everything but clean.

“I’ve already cleaned the house,” the woman, an actress who answered the door said. “But I’m so glad you are here because I’m throwing a party for my boss tonight, and there is still a ton left to do.”

She was asked to taste-test food cooked by a professional chef, get a massage and was given designer clothes that were just in her size.

After trying on the clothes, the real surprise arrived at the door. Watch it until the end.

It’s pretty great.