Fumes on cheerleaders’ charter bus send 15 to hospitals

Posted at 10:10 PM, Nov 16, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-16 23:54:46-05

SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. – Fifteen people sickened by fumes on charter bus carrying a group of cheerleaders were sent to hospitals in Spotsylvania County Sunday night.

Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office officials said dispatchers received a 911 call just before 6:50 p.m. that multiple passengers on the bus were having difficulty breathing because of strong fumes.

The bus had pulled over at a gas station in the 5100 block of Mudd Tavern Road, which is just off I-95 in Thornburg.

A gas station employee told CBS 6 News that the bus stopped after a child fell ill on the bus. The child, along with another woman, was sick in the bathroom, according to the clerk.

“A lot of people, they can’t breathe inside the bus. That’s what they was saying. Like something happened inside the bus. And all of them come out,” P.B., a cashier at the gas station, said. “And all of a sudden, five or six ambulances came in.”


“Units on scene possible carbon monoxide poisoning on a charter bus at Thornburg Citgo at least 11 patients at this time,” the Spotsylvania Volunteer Fire Department posted on Facebook at 8 p.m.

Officials said that bus was carrying a group of cheerleaders who had competed in an event in Washington, D.C. The bus was headed back to North Carolina.

Ten victims were transported to Mary Washington Hospital. Five were sent to Spotsylvania Regional Hospital.

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If you or someone you know was on the bus, please contact CBS 6 News here.