Help find this exotic pet fox missing in West End

Posted at 12:35 AM, Nov 13, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-13 00:56:41-05

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. --There's a Fennec fox on the loose near Hungary and Springfield Roads.

The owner is a West End mom, now begging you to call 501-5000 if you see it and asking you not to harm her exotic pet.

Christy Davis is licensed by the USDA to own exotic pets.

"They're my babies," Davis This is the dad of the one that's missing,” Davis said Wednesday, pointing to a picture.  "My company is called Fairytale Foxes.  I do birthday parties, exhibits, and I try to educate the public on these sweet creatures."

In her backyard off Halley Circle, Davis said two of those sweet creatures, Cayman and Phoenix, went missing Monday night.

"One of my pigs chewed a hole in the fence, and I think they were able to get out through that," she said.

Davis says Animal Control officers located Cayman a short time later.

"I am still missing Phoenix, but Cayman was found on Hungary Road after being hit and killed by a car," she said.  “They had been together since birth.”

Davis says she prays that Phoenix is still alive and roaming but worries about the temperature dropping over the next few days.  She also worried about how people living in the area might react if they spotted her Fennec fox.

She wants people to know that her fox is not aggressive and says to please call police if you see him.

"Call Animal Control or Virginia Wildlife or they can e-mail me a,” said Davis.  “I don't care what time it is, I’ll be there.