Charles City residents asked to check property after recent, heinous crimes

Posted at 1:20 AM, Nov 12, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-12 01:20:24-05

CHARLES CITY COUNTY, Va. - The Charles City County Sheriff's Office is asking residents and hunters to be on the look out for anything out of the ordinary or disturbed on their property.

This request comes after the arrest of Delvin Barnes. He's accused of torturing and raping a 16-year-old Richmond teen last month before she escaped.

Barnes is also accused of snatching a Philadelphia woman off the streets and will be facing a judge on those charges Wednesday morning.

Bert Vanaalst owns 35 acres of land in Charles County. He said he has not seen anything suspicious on his property.

"You know if something would happen we would see it," he said.

However, Vanaalst said he will be on the lookout.

"I'm home everyday, so I see everything that's going on," said Vanaalst.

Captain Jayson Crawley said he wants to stress that they do not believe there are anymore victims. However, he said he wants to make sure no stone goes unturned.

If you see anything suspicious, call the Charles City County Sheriff's Department at 804-829-9265 or Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000