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Cat owners upset as pack of killer dogs roams Cleveland neighborhoods

Posted at 1:03 PM, Nov 04, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-04 13:03:28-05

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Canine killers are on the roam in a Cleveland neighborhood, and they are targeting cats, according to a report on Within the past two weeks, 15 cats have been found dead in the Euclid Beach Mobile Home Park and the Waterloo District in Cleveland's North Collinwood neighborhood.

"First there were two, then three, now four free roaming dogs — that are roaming in the Euclid Beach, Waterloo, North Collinwood neighborhoods. And, they are killing cats," Brian Licht with the Euclid Beach Feral Cat Project said.

Home security video captured the dogs chasing after some cats early Thursday morning. These cats got away.

But, Freebie was not so lucky. Andy Kessler believes his cat was maimed recently by a pack of dogs — the same dogs that he saw kill his cat Spike.

"I looked out the window and I saw the dogs in the field over here taking the cat and playing kind of hacky sack with him, throwing him up in the air and then catching him.

Kessler now has a fence to keep the dogs off his porch.

"So far they have only attacked cats, but they don't seem to have any fear of humans," he said.

Licht cares for the neutered, free roaming community cats in the Euclid Beach Mobile Home Park. Now, he does not know how to keep them safe. So far, humane traps set up throughout the mobile home park have failed to catch the dogs.

"They do not look like mangy dogs. They look like they're well fed, like they are cared for. They dogs are not interested in food, they are only interested in killing cats," Licht said.

Licht believes the dogs may be two Rottweilers, a Doberman and a Lab-mix. All of the cat maulings appear to have happened in the middle of the night.

"I don't know if they are fighting dogs. It almost seems like they've been trained to kill cats," Licht added.

Anyone who sees these dogs are asked to call Cleveland Animal Control at (216) 664-3069 or Cleveland Police Dispatch at (216) 621-1234.