Drugs, cups of ‘red liquid’ found next to bodies of dead family

Posted at 10:54 PM, Oct 29, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-29 22:54:06-04

Springville, Utah – Five family members in Utah were found dead in September, and new details have been revealed.

Inside the home, according to our sister station, KSTU, police found boxes of cold and flu medications and cups filled with a “red liquid” next to their bodies

“Investigators at the scene determined the cause of death to be an accidental or intentional poisoning either by ingestion or environmental causes,” stated police, according to court documents obtained by KSTU.

Police are also requesting access to computers and information about a “homicide” involving Benjamin and Kristi Strack and their children.

An officer stated in a search warrant affidavit that it is possible the deaths were not accidental, writing: “…with the placement of the bodies, it would appear somebody had to position the bodies after they were deceased.”

The victims: Benjamin Strack, 37; Kristi Strack, 36; Benson Strack, 14; Emery Strack, 12; and Zion Strack, 11, were reportedly found dead inside the master bedroom.

The couple’s other son went to check on the family after not hearing from them and found the bodies.

*Read the complete details found on the search warrant affidavit, from KSTU*