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Council clears first hurdle for Stone Brewing Company

Posted at 1:09 AM, Oct 28, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-28 09:58:04-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Richmond City Council voted unanimously Monday to clear the first hurdle for San Diego-based Stone Brewing Co.'s plan to build an East Coast hub in Richmond's East End.

The request by Mayor Dwight Jones was met with some concern by several council members. The economic development deal will ultimately contain 15 pieces of legislation. The brewery petitioned council Monday to get the project rolling, as their San Diego location becomes to small to meet growing demand.

"My reality is I've been waiting to hire people from Richmond now. Engineers. Project managers," said Stone Chief Operating Officer Pat Tiernan. "I need an address to send $40 million worth of equipment to..."

A performance agreement will be executed  between the Richmond Economic Development Authority, the city of Richmond, and Stone Brewing Company.

Funding for the facility will come from $23 million in city bonds, and Stone's building lease will repay that amount. The 200, 000 square-foot brewery will take up residence at Williamsburg Road.  Construction will take a year and a half to complete and begin production in April 2016. A restaurant, beer garden and retail shop will be developed in the next phase.

There's hope the agreement will stimulate revitalization and promote tourism in the city. The job creation possibilities are estimated at more than 288 positions.

Stone Brewery distributes their beer in over 40 states and seven countries.

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