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What gives these old dogs relief from their pain will make you smile

Posted at 10:01 PM, Oct 26, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-26 22:01:01-04

BETTENDORF, Iowa — Norton the Pug shows pep in his step these days and he feels even better in the water.

“He knows how to swim,” said his owner, Sally Carter. “I release him gently, and he just swims right off.”

This sweet 12-year-old agility champion deals with aches and pains that come with age. But this pool time helps him to react like a young pup.

“Make sure their front legs are going, back legs are kicking, and they’re just safe,” Carter said.


WQAD reports that this is Canine Hydrotherapy at The Paddling Pooch. It’s something completely new for the Quad Cities.

The Bettendorf business held its grand opening on Thursday at 2491 53rd Street. It’s open Monday through Saturday. Make reservations at (563) 332-4889.

“Some dogs don’t have a clue what to do when they get in the water,” said Canine Hydrotherapist Beth Johnson.

For $50 per half-hour (discounts for multiple sessions), dogs like Mora the Australian Shepherd get a great workout.

“It’s really a good bonding experience for us because she and I do a lot of work together,” Johnson said.


The business also features grooming, washing stations, treats and handmade doggy robes. But the custom-made pool is what’s really dog-gone good.

It’s kind of like a day at the spa. The temperature is 85 degrees inside the pool room and 92 degrees in the water. This is really making a big splash.

“It’s kind of like taking a nice hot bath for yourself,” Carter said. “You feel calm and relaxed.”

While the dog days of summer are long gone, these pampered pooches can relax, one lap at a time.


“People are doing more for their animals these days,” Johnson said. “They’re part of the family.”

While Norton likes to swim, he enjoys relaxing even more.

“When you see a dog that hurts, and then they don’t hurt, it’s good,” Carter concluded.

It’s certainly good for Norton at The Paddling Pooch.