Watch this gender reveal party take a very unexpected turn

Posted at 2:11 PM, Oct 23, 2014

CANONSBURG, Pa. — Family and friends of a Pennsylvania couple cheered following the big moment during a gender reveal party earlier this month. But minutes after the couple announced they were having a girl, everyone realized something was wrong.

Natalie and Ben received two sealed envelopes from their doctor that revealed the baby’s sex. One envelope was given to a bakery and the couple kept the second envelope.

The couple asked the bakery for a cake with pink icing if the envelope said they were having a girl and a cake with blue icing if they were having a boy.

When the couple cut the cake during the gender reveal party, they saw the pink icing.

“It’s a girl!” Ben yelled, followed by the cheers of family members and friends.

A few minutes later, the couple opened the sealed envelope they received from the doctor. But the note said the couple is having a boy.

“Pure confusion!” Natalie told WJW. “Everyone was in shock that this happened! Lots of pictures were taken in that moment. No one could believe it!”

Ben then left the kitchen and found the envelope that was given to the bakery. That note also said the couple was having a boy.

Seconds later, a second announcement was made.

“It’s a boy!” a family member screamed, followed by even more cheering.

Natalie told WJW there was an apparent mix-up at the bakery.

“I keep explaining it as an out-of-body experience. The video is truly the only way I can see what actually happened because I think I was in shock!” Natalie said. “This is the stuff you joke about with people … I didn’t think it ever actually happened to anyone! My body language in the video says it all.”

The baby boy is due in March.