New report may give some retailers reason to worry

Posted at 1:07 PM, Oct 20, 2014

RICHMOND, Va -- A new report may give some retailers reason to worry as the holiday shopping season approaches.

According to a new report by, 45 percent of Americans said they would "definitely not" or "probably not" shop at some of the retailers recently affected by major data breaches during the upcoming holiday season.

Among those retailers -- Home Depot, Target, and Neiman Marcus.

That figure includes 29 percent who said they likely would not shop at those retailers even if they used to be frequent shoppers there.

However, there is some good news for the affected stores -- the survey also found households with the highest income levels were not likely to avoid stores affected by data breaches. Financial experts say it may be because those households have protections in place.

The survey also found 48 percent of people would be more likely to use cash instead of credit cards during their holiday shopping.

The data breaches involved hackers gaining access to credit and debit card information. They have happened throughout the past year.