That one thing you can do to join the fight against childhood cancer

Posted at 1:49 AM, Oct 15, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-15 01:49:24-04

LEESBURG, Va. -- The family of a 13-year-old boy hopes the Department of Motor Vehicles will make a license plate to support their cause.

Mathias Giordano was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2012 and since then has endured 29 rounds of chemotherapy, a leg amputation, 14-months of radiation and much more.

His mother and father are fighting to get 450 license plate applications to make a specific license plate for childhood cancer awareness.

Mathias wasn't feeling up for an interview when the CBS team in Washington D.C. met with his parents. But his mother tells said his story started when she went to the DMV to get a gold ribbon on her plate.

“If you were to ask your co-worker, or people you know, what this stands for, they will either say it is for breast cancer or for the troops,” his mother said. “But it is not, it is for pediatric cancer awareness.”

The Virginia DMV offers more than 200 special license plates, but not the one Mathias’ mother wants to see.

The family is collecting applications to submit all of them at once. They need to be given to DMV by the end of December.

If you decide you would like to file an application, the family is asking you submit it to them so they can hand-in the needed amount together.

You can contact the family on Facebook. And follow on Twitter, here.