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Grayson Kirby shares miraculous survival story on ‘Steve Harvey’

Posted at 2:23 PM, Oct 14, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-15 19:04:26-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- As his miraculous survival story spread online via social media, it touched the lives of people around the world.  On Wednesday, Hanover County's Grayson Kirby appeared on "Steve Harvey" to tell his tale to a national television audience.

Wayne Kirby, Karen Kirby, Grayson Kirby, Steve Harvey. (PHOTO: Genie LaVine NBC)

Wayne Kirby, Karen Kirby, Grayson Kirby, Steve Harvey. (PHOTO: Genie LaVine NBC)

Kirby nearly died earlier this year when he was thrown from a truck.

"He was given less than a 5 percent chance of living, with no guarantee of brain function if he did survive," producers from the Steve Harvey Show said. "Grayson had broken his collar bone, shoulder blade, bruised his liver, lost kidney function and broken a bone in his back and neck, but the biggest obstacle he faced was that his lungs had both collapsed and he was not able to get oxygen into his system."

After 10 days in a coma at the University of Virginia Hospital, a six-week hospital stay and two months rehabilitating Grayson was cleared to go home. Doctors could not explain how Grayson recovered so quickly.

"Wayne and Karen said that Grayson died twice during the four hours it took doctors to hook him up to the procedure," Harvey Show producers said. "Doctors told them, 'It’s going to take a miracle,' and Wayne told them, 'Doc, we believe in miracles. We’re on it!'"

Grayson and his mother credited his recovery to the power of prayer. After the accident, the Kirby family set-up a Facebook page where friends, family and strangers came together to pray for Grayson.

"We have been hearing from people all around the world – Germany, Ireland, Korea, Australia sending their prayers," Karen Kirby said. "Miracles happen every day. His story has helped restore faith."

"I guess that is not a question for us to answer God has a purpose and a reason for everything he does and maybe one day we will find out," Karen Kirby said.

However, the 31-year-old is a long ways from doing the farm work he did before the accident.

In fact, he takes part in physical therapy twice a week. Other days, he is on his own working on the family farm he grew up on.

"I do physical therapy, working on my lower extremities, trying to rehabilitate my walk and stuff because I still don't have feeling in my lower leg and foot," Kirby told CBS 6 senior reporter Wayne Covil.

And Grayson sees the chance to be on national television as another unique opportunity In his life.

"This is a chance to tell the world and tell the nation about God's healing hand and miracles,” Kirby explained.

Kirby is able to get back on a tractor and combine for short periods of time and help out around the farm.

He credits his family, prayer and God for his survival.