Fall foliage weekend outlook October 10

Posted at 6:14 AM, Oct 10, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-10 06:15:51-04

RICHMOND, Va. – Many of you are spotting trees changing color in central Virginia over the past week as our Fall foliage season progresses. If you have plans to visit the mountains this weekend, you should see much better color than here in central Virginia.

The only downside to going this weekend to “leaf peep” is that we’ll stay mostly cloudy and have periods of rain in western Virginia Friday through Saturday morning, with a few more showers possible Sunday afternoon. That rain can dull the red hues of the trees this time of year, cutting into the leaf sugar concentration.

The latest update from the spotters at The Foliage Network says,
“The color change is progressing nicely in the higher elevations.  In western Maryland and eastern West Virginia, expect to see high color (61% – 80% change).  In the mid-elevations of Maryland, West Virginia and western Virginia, color change is moderate (31% – 60% change).  In the mountains of western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee, color change is rapidly approaching moderate change.  The lower elevations in the region remain in the low (11% – 30% change) category.”


Leaf drop (leaves falling off the trees) remains low to very low in the Commonwealth, but I am tracking a strong storm system that will impact us late Tuesday into Wednesday next week that could force more leaves to fall.


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