Woman records video as shots are fired during ‘police operation’ in Warrenton

Posted at 8:31 AM, Oct 07, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-07 11:05:34-04
Police told Kimberle Jaine to get back in her house because shots were being fired. (PHOTO: Kimberle Jaine)

Police told Kimberle Jaine to get back in her house because shots were being fired. (PHOTO: Kimberle Jaine)

WARRENTON, Va. — The gunshots woke her up at 2 a.m. Kimberle Jaine said she jumped out of bed and ran to her window to see what was going on.

It was dark in her Warrenton, Virginia neighborhood, but she said she saw police at a home two doors down. That is when she grabbed her phone to record what she saw and heard.

“They just kept saying ‘put your gun down, come out of the house,'” Jaine recalled in a phone interview Tuesday morning.

She said it appeared police surrounded the home and were attempting to coax someone to come out. After a morning of gunfire and police activity, she said she saw someone taken away from the home at about 7 a.m.

That person was later identified as 34-year-old Joshua Michael Simpson. Deputies arrived at Simpson’s home on Alexandria Pike Monday afternoon to execute an emergency custody order allowing them to take him into custody for a mental evaluation. Simpson would not exit the home and a standoff ensued.

“Simpson exited his residence armed with a weapon and began firing at law enforcement, whereupon law enforcement on scene returned fire,” sheriff’s Lt. James Hartman said in a news release. “Simpson was wounded in the exchange and transported to Inova Fairfax (Hospital) for treatment of life-threatening injuries.”

No officers were hurt.

The initial word from police was that an “on-going joint law enforcement operation” was underway and affecting traffic in the town of Warrenton.

Jaine said after she recorded video of the incident, she posted it on social media to help spread the word and get some information about what was going on.

“I got on Facebook and started texting friends,” she said. “I kept posting and finally people started to respond and share information.”

Jaine said she received two text messages from police. One told her to stay inside. Another that informed her the “situation” had been mitigated, but to remain inside while the investigation continued.

“I really was not scared,” she said. “Seeing all the guys in their uniforms, seeing two tanks there. I feel pretty safe.”

Jaine said while some people on social media were concerned about schools not delaying bus routes during the standoff, she said there were no kids walking around her neighborhood. She said she guessed where children were allowed to walk, it was safe to do so.

“When I needed to walk my dog, police told me to get back inside because shots were being fired and these were real bullets,” she said.

The situation involved the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office, Warrenton Police and Virginia State Police. It happened in Warrenton near Alexandria Pike between King Street and Winchester Street.

“Due to public safety concerns no one will be admitted into the affected area at this time,” the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook. “Additionally there will be no access to businesses in the affected area until further notice.”

In response to that Facebook post, neighbors commented not only to update each other, but to express concerns about the decision not to delay area schools.

“I was sending [my children] out to the bus when I heard LOTS of gun fire and we came back in. Transportation said they’ll still come get them until they’re told otherwise. This is not safe!” Laura Faircloth commented.

“School should have been delayed in that area! VERY UPSETTING!” Erin Howard Posselt added.

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