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‘I stood up for myself,’ Las Vegas woman says after shooting stalker

Posted at 5:32 PM, Oct 07, 2014

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — A woman said she shot her stalker, an ex-boyfriend, after he kicked in her front door.

The woman’s post on Reddit made the story go viral.

The man who police identified as Douglas Eugene Jackson, age 22, allegedly kicked in the door. The woman wrote that he had stalked her for six months, and verbally threatened her life.

“It started with phone calls upwards of 45-50 a day, 50 page text messages and him showing up outside of my house at 5 am. When I wouldn’t not comply or feed the negative attention I began to receive threats, claims that he would murder me and get away with it, all he would have to do is flee the country.”

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Then one Friday, a couple of weeks ago, he “finally snapped.”

“Out of fear, the past month I had begun sleeping with a chair propped against my front door, to give myself a few extra precious seconds in case of emergency,” she wrote.

“I shudder to think how differently things might’ve turned out had I not barricaded the door.”

The victim wrote that she heard Jackson kick the door down at 1:15 a.m., and she jumped up, and “grabbed the gun I’ve learned to do everything even shower with.”

“I stood at the top of my stairs and fired twice. Hitting him in the chest, I hear his scream, his disbelief that I’d stood up for myself,” she wrote.

KVVU-TV reported thatJackson left the scene and tried to hide in some bushes.  Police dogs quickly found the stalker.  He was treated for his injures at University Medical Center of Southern Nevada.

Jackson now faces charges of home invasion and aggravated stalking.

I shot my stalker tonight.