Man explores abandoned town, hotel in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Posted at 11:19 AM, Oct 06, 2014

ELKMONT, Tenn. — A man with a camera is helping to bring attention to a 100-year-old town that has sat abandoned for years. Photographer Jordan Liles documented his trip to the once-bustling area.

The town was once home to the Wonderland Club hotel which welcomed mountain travelers. The club closed in 1992, and the last lease expired in 2001. Now, the entire town is empty. The abandoned the structures sit empty and dark.

“Some Elkmont homes had people living in them even just a few years ago. All I did was bring a camera to document the land. It’s such a beautiful area,” Liles posted on YouTube. “I lived in Tennessee for 26 years and only very recently moved away. I love the state and love coming home. I hope all of you enjoy the video!