WATCH LIVE: Press conference on missing UVa. student Hannah Graham

Posted at 6:26 PM, Sep 23, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-23 18:59:36-04

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Charlottesville Police have announced a 7 p.m. press conference concerning missing 18-year-old University of Virginia student Hannah Graham.

(Note, these events rarely start exactly on time. If you are seeing this text, the event hasn’t yet started — otherwise we will redirect to the actual livestream when event starts).

Graham was last seen on surveillance camera early Saturday morning. Her friends last heard from her around 1:20 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 13, when she sent a text saying she was lost in an area where she could not possibly have been, according to police. The text said she was lost near her apartment, at 14th and Wertland Streets near the college, but surveillance video shows her over a mile away, leaving a restaurant named Tempo off of 5th Street.

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Graham was seen leaving Tempo with Jesse  Leroy Matthew Jr., age 32, who police said bought drinks for them.

Graham was also spotted a little earlier, walking eastbound down Main Street on the Downtown Mall, with Matthew’s arm on her waist.

Police obtained a warrant to search Matthew’s car, a burnt orange Chrysler coupe, on Friday. Evidence taken from the car led to police obtaining a warrant to search the apartment.

The forensic evidence is expected to be discussed at the 7 p.m. Tuesday press conference.

The day after police searched Matthew’s home — and a week after she was last seen — Matthew voluntarily showed up to the police station and asked for a lawyer.  Police Chief Tim Longo said that after Matthew spoke with a lawyer, he left the station, got into a vehicle with another person and drove off.

He never spoke with police. Since then police have been searching for Matthew.

 All surveillance videos can be seen here. All reports filed on this case can be found here.