Richmond ER nurse uses whipped cream to keep her son’s memory alive

Posted at 10:11 PM, Sep 21, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-21 23:20:14-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Move over, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, there’s a new dare hitting social media sites called the “Whipping Childhood Cancer Challenge.”

A Chippenham Hospital emergency room nurse, who works at the same place her son lost his battle to acute myeloid leukemia, is spreading the word about the challenge.

"This is where my son passed away," Kathleen Yancey said. "He was diagnosed July 28th of 2010 with AML Leukemia. It was one week before his 16th birthday."

Yancey said her son Justin joked that he wanted a car, not cancer for his birthday. But his mother said he never asked, “why me?” Instead Justin asked how he could help other fight cancer after he was gone.

Yancey and her colleagues are whipping up a special treat to keep his memory alive for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September.

"Chippenham supported us when we went through the fight and I lost my son. And to see ya'll come out makes my heart so proud," she said as her colleagues gathered outside the hospital.

The mom and nurse is hoping others will sign up to do the challenge to help spread the word.

"Whipping childhood cancer represents the 46 children diagnosed nationwide every day and the seven children who die every day from it," she said. "$7 to the cancer charity of your choice and take a pie to the face -- who doesn't like pie?"

Chippenham Hospital employees and Richmond police were hit in the face with whip cream to raise awareness and raise money to find a cure.

Yancey said the event is just a taste of a bigger pie, one she believes can make a difference nationwide.

"My list of people I'm calling out today are Chippenham Pediatric Floor, Thomas John's Cancer Hospital, Richmond Police, Chesterfield Fire and Police, Richmond Ambulance Authority and most important, other HCA nurses,” Yancey said. “Please Join The Whipping Childhood Cancer Challenge -- and Jon, now it's your turn.”

One of Yancey’s nurse friends at Johnston-Willis Hospital is now going through the same heartache. She hopes the "Whipping Cancer Challenge" is able to make a difference for pediatric cancer charities.

Play the video below or click here to see who CBS 6 reporter Jon Burkett challenged!