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Toddler ignores protocol, runs to hug military mom

Posted at 7:00 AM, Sep 21, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-21 07:44:28-04

LITTLE FALLS, Minn. — Cooper Waldvogel loves his mom more than military protocol.

The 3-year-old had to wait just a little longer for his soldier mom to be officially dismissed, after being deployed in Afghanistan for nine months.

Kathryn Waldvogel, along with the other soldiers, were told to wait in line and were not able to greet family until dismissed.

But Cooper couldn’t wait any longer.

He wanted his hug. And he got it. Protocol, or no protocol.

A photographer captured the moment, which was then posted on KARE's Facebook page.

“Can we play all day,” he asked his mom.

“Sure. What do you want to play next?” she replied.