Please help this woman find owner of bracelet with soldier’s photo inside

Posted at 8:31 PM, Sep 19, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-19 20:31:40-04

Brownsburg, IN — A central Indiana woman is on a mission to identify a soldier whose picture is in a Sterling silver bracelet. She’s been trying for a year now, but thanks to the Internet and the power of social media her effort is picking up steam, again.

It’s a mystery that began with a yard sale. Now, Lynn Davalos wants to put a piece of history back where it belongs. Maybe you are the one who could help her out.

From her Brownsburg home, she tracks the Facebook shares, clicks to spread the picture of a soldier she posted on Sunday.

“Two thousand three hundred and five,” she said, loEmbed Ooyala Videooking at the number, “It’s a blessing.”

The picture is tiny, situated in a small bracelet. It wound up in Lynn’s hands by chance.

“It’s been on my desk, and I keep looking at it and keep thinking how can i get the word out there, how can I reunite this with this gentleman’s family,” said Davalos.

Her mom is a big yard sale shopper and picked up the Sterling silver band thinking it was a watch.

“She loves to find jewelry, knick-knacks in particular. She loves to find watches,” said Davalos.

Davalos sorted through a box of jewelry and found the bracelet. The clasp clicked open.

“It was very emotional when it popped open. The hair stood up on my arms for some reason. When it popped open, I was staring at the face of a World War II soldier,” she said, “Time is of the essence.”

Davalos believes the man in the photo is a member of the Greatest Generation.

The first time she put the picture online, it did not yield any results. She hopes this new effort will be different.

As for where her mom picked up the bracelet, Davalos said it came from a yard sale in Zionsville, likely last fall.

“It was more than likely the old part of town,” she said.

Now, one year later she’s hoping someone knows whose picture is part of that bracelet.

“I want them to have it back. It does not belong to me,” she said.

The name of a man and a woman are etched on the bracelet. Davalos wants the owner to identify the piece with the names.

If you recognize the man in the picture or the bracelet, you can send her a message on Facebook. We’ve linked you to her profile here. (